Not for the dogs: Chocolate Winter Bark

I know I’ve posted a bark recipe already (and it’s below) but I wanted to show you one example of all the many ways that you can very easily make chocolate bark fit into all different holidays.

I think the blue and white is so pretty together, which I call my “‘winter bark” but it could also be used if you’re participating in Hanukkah festivities.

Blue and White Bark Candy Melts
Bag of Candy Melts for your reference

In this post, I wanted to provide more pictures actually walking through step by step how it’s done but also will also just provide a reminder on working with Candy Melts.

Blue and White Bark White
1. Spreading the melted white Candy Melts
Blue and white bark swirled
2. Adding in the blue and giving it a swirl
Blue and White Bark Sprinles one
3. Sprinkling on the first layer of toppings (snowflake sprinkles)
Blue and White Bark Sprinkles Two
4. Sprinkling on the second layer of toppings (nonpareils)
Blue and White Bark Broken
5. Third layer of topping (blue sugar sprinkles) and breaking the bark into pieces

1 package white chocolate almond bark, melted
1/4 cup blue candy melts, melted (or color of your choice)
Optional candy of your choice! For this bark, I used white snowflake sprinkles, white nonpareils, and blue sugar sprinkles

Lay out all of the candy toppings you’ll use because the chocolate will dry very, very quickly.

Place a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie tray, just to steady everything and have a place for it.

Once the chocolate is all melted, pour the white chocolate onto the parchment paper and with a spatula, spread it towards the four corners, in a rectangle shape, creating a thin layer, which will be the canvas. Then take the blue candy melts and, with a spoon, drop small dollops around the layer of white chocolate. Take a butter knife and drag it through the blue chocolate to create a swirl affect.

Very quickly, spread your sprinkles over the top and gently press in to so it holds as it hardens.

Once hard (it should take less than five minutes and depends on how thick the chocolate is), gently use your hands to break off bite-size pieces of the chocolate.

Yield: The chocolate bark will easily feed 10 people

2 thoughts on “Not for the dogs: Chocolate Winter Bark”

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